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Quality Policy


1.   J A IT will always strive to be a customer centric organization that will reflect in all its internal procedures.
2.   J A IT will maintain a process of continuous improvement of its Quality Management System.
3.   J A IT will always strive for win –win relationships with its customers.
4.   J A IT will carry out adequate research and development in its chosen fields of activities so that its products and services        are subject to a continuous process of innovation and improvement aimed at satisfying customer’s current and future        need.
5.   J A IT will make adequate financial and other investments in the development of high quality human resources.
6.   J A IT management will strive to maintain a work environment where team spirit, collective leadership, creativity,        innovation, continuous self-development, honesty, personal integrity and willingness to complete with the most successful        organizations in the world are recognized as essential ingredients for success.